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Gangotri Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., Iron And Steel, Industry, 307, Ashiana Tower, Exhibition Road, Patna, Bihar


Name :

-Gangotri Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.


Genre :
-Steel Rods
Office  :
-307, Ashiana Tower, Exhibition Road,, Patna, Bihar 800001
City :
Pincode :
Country :
Phone :
– +91 – 612 – 232 2456  , 232 3457 , 232  3458 , 232 3126, 651 0777
Fax No. :
– +91 – 612 – 232 3959


Name :

-Gangotri Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.


Specialty :

Shri R. Jhunjhunwala is Chairman of the Group having a treasure of experience of more than five decades. He is B.Sc, LLB and PGDBM (all from Calcutta University). Amongst the many projects, that he has performed as Chief Executive of M/s M. L. Dalmiya & Co. Ltd., a leading construction company, from 1965 to 1983, which are briefly enumerated hereunder :-
Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata
Airport Terminal Building, Kolkata
Airport Hotel, Kolkata
Airport Runway, Kolkata
Satna Cement New Plant Buildings
Factory of HAL at Sonabeda
RCC Bridge at Syal, Jharkhand
Computer Centre at Dehradoon for ONGC
200 Meters RCC TV Towers at Jalundher
RCC Chimney for Panipat Thermal, Bandel Thermaland many others.
Thereafter, he continued to share his rich experience in the fields of Clearing & Forwarding Business and also in Industrial and Realty Sector.

As Project Coordinator and Stadium Committee Member of Cricket Association of Bengal, Kolkata from 1987 to 2005, he steered the completion of Eden Garden Stadium for the World Cup Finals in 1987 and 1996. His above efforts continued to extend even today.

Needless to say that it is under his able guidance and stewardship that the Group has flourished.

Products :

GISCO Thermex TMT bars are manufactured by using the latest German “Thermex” Process under licence from H&K Rolling Mills Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai on behalf of Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH, Germanay
Name of Product
1. Thermex TMT 08mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 25mm
2. M.S.Steel (CTD) 08mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 25mm













The products comply with quality specifications under BIS (IS) 1786:1985 as well as with the latest British Standard for TMT Bars, BS4449-2005, introduced in January, 2006. The bars manufactured with Thermex technology can withstand the effect of earthquake because these bars have higher elongation and +yield strength, high ductility and better bonding with cement concrete mix. All these properties are capable of providing adequate strength to structures for with standing natural hazards which is not available in CTD bars and ordinary TMT bars produced locally with low technological support.

All GISCO Thermex TMT bars are comparable to most of the international standards and confirms to BS 4449:2000 which was recently introduced i.e. w.e.f 1st January’2006. Saving upto 15-20 % steel consumption on structures, being properly designed, can be achieved resulting in economizing the cost of construction which is not available in CTD bars and locally manufactured TMT bars.  We now make 500 grades of TMT bars.


All Thermex® QST Systems are designed for Grade 500 as per international demands of civil engineers. The bar as it leaves the rolling mill is guided through specially designed proprietary Thermex® Pipes wherein the surface temperature of 850-1000o C is brought down drastically in a relatively short period of time on account of the intense and uniform water cooling. The temperature of the core is largely unaffected. The amount of water and time for quenching depends on the parameters of the rolling mill. This is a very important part of the engineering. The pre-determined cooling of the bar periphery transforms the peripheral structure to martensite and then annealed through the heat available at the core. The peripheral and core temperature difference finally equalizes at around 600o C and the resultant bar structure is of tempered martensite at the periphery and of fine-grained ferrite-pearlite at the core. Generally speaking, the resultant soft core forms about 65 – 75% of the area (depending upon the desired minimum yield strength) and the rest are the hardened periphery. The entire Thermex manufacturing process is operated through Computerised Programmed Logic Control (PLC) to ensure consistency in quality. Further, all GISCO Thermex TMT Bars are manufactured under stringent quality control.

It is this Thermex® QST process which results in a product with high yield strength, surface hardness, toughness, ductility and weldability. 

Thermex is a simple to use unique ‘Quenching & Self Tempering’ QST Technology that was developed by Mr. Franz Tamm, Managing Director of Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GMbh, located in Germany. 
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– gangotri@giscotmt.com

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