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Mother’s Pride Jalandhar, Pre School, 25, Link Road, Abadpura, Model Town, Jalandhar


Name :

-Mother’s Pride Jalandhar

Genre :
-Pre School

As parents, often we do not realize that for a child, even climbing the sofa or imitating mummy in the kitchen is a part of the learning process. This is because we think that our children are completely naïve and dependent on us. And therefore, we deprive him or her of the right environment and exposure at the right time.


We encourage children to start their journey of learning at the age of two. Each child should get the exposure, opportunities to explore, run around and enjoy childhood, and develop an interest in learning so that he/she can blossom.


We at Mother’s Pride wish to preserve the excitement and wonder of childhood and make children experience the joy of learning. We believe in being both child-friendly and education-friendly, and in creating life-long learners. The campus of any Mother’s Pride school is nothing short of a castle of joy. Airy and spacious, its fairyland- like structure houses imaginative play centres and activity rooms designed to give your child a fun-filled learning experience.Some of the USPs of Mother’s Pride:



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